Goondiwindi Cotton

Goondiwindi Cotton is an Australian family owned company built on the old fashioned and honest principles synonymous with the people in the Australian bush.

Formed in 1992, when the Coulton family, Cotton farmers for over 30 years and one of the first families to grow cotton in the district invested in a small garment manufacturing company.

They wanted the towns people behind them which is why they incorporated the Goondiwindi name into the brand, as it links the product to the area and makes it unique. Sam’s philosophy has always been to support local retailers and local business. It is of utmost importance to him to ensure communities, especially in the bush keep growing.

As well as the Goondiwindi Cotton brand, Sam and his team run Cotton & Town tours in Goondiwindi, where visitors are taken to see local attractions visit a Cotton Farm and Cotton Gin and learn some interesting facts about the town, cotton farming and the industry.

The Goondiwindi Cotton brand has experienced significant growth over the past 12 months, and whilst still selling largely to Country stores, the brand has gained momentum and recognition, and has also been successfully positioned into urban stores in all states, where it has been performing very well. It can now be found in 180 stores throughout Australia.

Goondiwindi Cotton’s attention to detail positions its label at the premium end of the market.

They truly want you to love the garment you buy.