Dita Von Teese

The brand has achieved global success after the launch of “Von Follies” by Dita Von Teese in 2012, which was personally developed by Dita, inspired by her glamorous and intense burlesque style. Her passion for retro-chic beauty, intricate titillating lace and breath-taking bustier are seen on the red carpet, in the bedroom and in shows – led by Dita Von Teese through brand promotions and social media events for millions of her followers.

Dita’s brand is wrapped in decadence like in no other lingerie brand. The female body is sensually shaped into feminine hips, narrow waists with elegant bustiers and adorned with sexy embroidery in contrast to delicate pastel tones. Where else will you find extravagance so well moulded?

A lingerie collection offers beauty, glamor and luxury to any woman, who wants it., – says Dita Von Teese.